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Constipation Management

Scientifically developed Bioceutical formulation backed by enormous research and prepared using various phytochemicals which significantly eases the suffering and improves the quality of life of those living with Constipation, pain and cramping in the abdomen, Irritable bowel syndrome and other Conditions.

Novel oral drug delivery system for colon targeting has been developed based on enteric-coated matrix tablets. It is successful in achieving gastric resistance and timed-release of the drug, assuring an adequate lag time for the intended colonic targeting, followed by a controlled-release phase



Colon Targeted Drug Delivery

Faster Absorption

No Adverse effects

Prevents Dehydration


Clinically studied: All the ingredients used in the formula have consistent supporting scientific research for their efficacy




Key Actions of Phytoconstituent:-


Terminalia chebula: It is a rejuvenative, laxative, astringent, anthelmintic, nervine, expectorant, tonic, carminative, and appetite stimulant. It has been shown to increase gastric emptying time. This action appeared to be balanced with a protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.


Emblica officinalis: It is considered to be a potent rejuvenator and immunomodulator effective in stalling degenerative processes and senescence, and to promote longevity, enhance digestion, treat constipation. It exhibits antisecretory, cytoprotective and antiulcer properties. It possesses antidiarrheal and spasmolytic activities, mediated possibly through the dual blockade of muscarinic receptors and Ca (2+) channels, thus explaining its medicinal use in diarrhea.


Rock salt: Rock Salt is a saline laxative that is responsible for effective bowel movements. It instantly detoxifies your digestive system and eases bowel movements. It stimulates the production of bile juices in the liver and in turn helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. The bile juices also aid in digestion and reduce flatulence.


Cassia Angustifolia: It is mainly used as a laxative for relieving constipation and to treat skin diseases. It contains a powerful natural laxative called anthraquinones. The laxative effect is due to the action of their active metabolite, rhein-anthrone, in the colon. The laxative effect is realized by the inhibition of water and electrolyte absorption from the large intestine, which increases the volume and pressure of the intestinal contents. This will stimulate colon motility resulting in propulsive contractions.


Piper nigrum: It was found that the presence of piperine is the main cause of preventing diarrhea. Piperine can also enhance digestion by increasing the release of saliva which further sends signals to stomach to stimulate the release of hydrochloric acid that aids in protein digestion. Fat digestion and absorption also is enhanced as they stimulate liver to produce and secrete bile. It is said to be a rejuvenator as it stimulates the appetite and dispels gas from the intestines.


Dosage & Direction: 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician


Advantages: Colon Targeted Drug Delivery | Faster Absorption | No Adverse effects | Prevents Dehydration


Indications: Constipation, pain, and cramping in the abdomen, Irritable bowel syndrome


Presentation: 60 Tablet bottle


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