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Eczema & Psoriasis Management

Scientifically developed Bioceutical formulation backed by enormous research and prepared using various phytochemicals which significantly eases the suffering and improves the quality of life of those living with Eczema, Psoriasis, itchy skin, Dermatitis & allergic skin reactions



Skin normalcy is retained by minimizing hyperkeratinization

Prevents discoloration of the skin

Prevents itching and formation of scales and sores

Reduces Inflammatory responses

No Adverse effects


Clinically studied: All the ingredients used in the formula have consistent supporting scientific research for their efficacy



Pongamia pinnata:
It has insecticidal and antiseptic properties. It has excellent bacterial and fungal control and can even add additional antioxidant benefits to the skin


Azadirachta indica:
It contains nimbidin, nimbin and quercetin—three anti-inflammatory compounds that can soothe the skin and reduce eczema-caused redness and irritation. It also has immunopotentiating activities hence it may aggravate psoriasis


Mallotus philippinensis:
It contains friedelane type triterpenoids and is responsible for the antioxidant activities of the plant


Sulphur is having very good anti-bacterial activity and in low dose it is used for the treatment of various skin diseases


Dosage & Direction:
1 capsule once a day early morning 1 hr before food


Indications: Eczema, Psoriasis, itchy skin, Dermatitis & allergic skin reactions


Presentation: 60 Capsule bottle


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What is PureSaiens Eczema & Psoriasis Management?

PureSaiens Eczema & Psoriasis Management is an all-natural Bioceutical formulation that is made with precise blend of herbs which enhances immunity and works on the root cause of psoriasis with blood purifying herb and thus it clears toxins from the body, stops cell division that causes excess skin formation and improve digestion and reduce stress. Our advanced treatment helps the patient to reverse symptoms of psoriasis-like inflammation of skin, redness, scaly patches, itching, rashes, burning sensation easily

Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune skin condition with excess production of skin cells that results in the build-up of skin in the form silvery/red plaques. The patches commonly appear on joints such as elbows, knees but may also develop on other body parts such as hands, feet, neck, scalp and even face and nails.

Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a group of diseases that results in inflammation of the skin. These diseases are characterized by itchiness, red skin and a rash. In cases of short duration, there may be small blisters, while in long-term cases the skin may become thickened.

PureSaiens Eczema & Psoriasis Management show following action through immunopotentiation (enhancing immunity) hence it gives permanent cure of psoriasis.

Allopathic medicines only suppress symptoms of psoriasis with temporary relief for short period and also have long term repercussions. Allopathic treatment, they will only find medicines for immunosuppressive drug , steroid and anti- inflammatory drugs which reduces immune response, swelling and hormonal medicines which  harm  person's body and further damages vital organs.

We advise you to make PureSaiens Eczema & Psoriasis Management with your healthy diet and active lifestyle. The anti-oxidants that bioceutical formulation for itchy skin contains, help expel the toxins from the body, thus ensuring that the skin heals faster and remains healthy. This skin medicine helps get the best results, when used as directed, in addition to making certain dietary changes such as avoiding foods that are too oily or spicy. Reduces itching and burning in burning 7 -10 days. Visible result in just 7 days in most cases .To see the best results you must consume it for at least three months
The product is natural and does not have any known side effects if consumed in the correct dosage format
Dosage: 1 capsule once a day early morning 1 hr before food

It shows mechanism of action through immunopotentiation hence it gives permanent cure of psoriasis while steroids and other allopathic drugs are working through immunosuppressant therapy hence gives temporary relief. 

It helps skin achieve normalcy by minimizing hyperkeratinization, silvery scales, inflammatory responses, discoloration of the skin, and prevents itching and formation of scales and sores, naturally.

It is also 100% chemical-free

Pongamia pinnata:-It is rich in flavonoids and related compounds like flavone glucosides, sterols, and triterpenes. It has been used in skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, etc. for many years.

Azadirachta indica:-Since it is a blood purifier, it has been used in variety of skin disease for last many years. It is also having immunopotentiating activities hence it may aggravate psoriasis in some patient for limited time

Mallotus philippensis 

It is recommended for the treatment of chronic skin disease.

Sulphur:-Sulphur is having very good anti-bacterial activity and in low dose it is used for the treatment of various skin diseases in Ayurveda
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