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Thyroid Management

Scientifically developed Bioceutical formulation backed by enormous research and prepared using various phytochemicals which significantly eases the suffering and improves the quality of life of those living with Hypothyroidism symptoms like Constipation, muscle weakness, weight gain, Joint or muscle pain.



Relieves fatigue

Helps to reduce anxiety

Improves digestive system

Promotes healthy thyroid hormone levels

Facilitates T3 and T4 production


Clinically studied: All the ingredients used in the formula have consistent supporting scientific research for their efficacy



Key Actions of Phytoconstituent:-


It is a scientifically developed formulation that protects the liver by preventing the entry of toxic substances and helps repair damaged liver cells. It may also help in fat metabolism by stimulating the secretion of bile from the liver and it may have a cholesterol-lowering effect


It is a scientifically developed formulation aids digestion by facilitating increased metabolism. It inhibits the enzyme which is responsible for fat synthesis. Increases energy expenditure by thermogenesis. It also prevents the deposition of fatty acids into organs and muscles, reduces sugar craving


It is a scientifically developed formulation that acts through the lipo-oxygenase pathway. It reduces glycosaminoglycan degradation and increases maintenance of collagen & inhibits progression of pain in joints and muscles


It is a scientifically developed formulation considered to be a potent rejuvenator and immunomodulator effective in stalling degenerative processes and senescence and to promote longevity, enhance digestion, treat constipation. It exhibits antisecretory, cytoprotective and antiulcer properties. It possesses antidiarrheal and spasmolytic activities, mediated possibly through the dual blockade of muscarinic receptors and Ca (2+) channels, thus explaining its medicinal use in diarrhea.


Dosage & Direction:

As directed by the physician



Relieves fatigue |Helps to reduce anxiety| Improves digestive system |Promotes healthy thyroid hormone levels | Facilitates T3 and T4 production





Presentation: 60 Capsule bottle (Kit)


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